To Her

I am glad he has found you, he is happy with you, but I have to get something straight with you. This is not a competition, it has never been a competition. He will always love me, it is only natural he does. I understand why you might feel insecure but know that I am […]


It’s been three years since I found out you liked me too.┬áSince the first time I met you, you cared for me even when three hours later I was a little drunk, you made sure I ate something. I’ve liked you since that day. Since that day I remember you everytime the radio plays one […]

Bring life to the world

I want my life to be resolved but only i can choose I am alone, with this big belly, I am hungry and can’t decide Everyone tells me what to do and judges me by what I did Nobody understands what I’m going through Everything started the night I turned sixteen The day I wanted […]

My valentine

Last year my love life ended in a mess, yes i had a lot to do with all the drama that went down but hey we are only humans and i’m still learning, nonetheless i find myself being more romantic than i have been in the last 2 years. I kinda stopped believing in love […]