Change the world

Have you ever had the feeling that you have the power to change the world. Maybe not only the power but the obligation, the calling to make something so it changes the world. I am getting that exact feeling, and i also believe it is achievable so I will try. I’ve talked to some people […]

To Her

I am glad he has found you, he is happy with you, but I have to get something straight with you. This is not a competition, it has never been a competition. He will always love me, it is only natural he does. I understand why you might feel insecure but know that I am […]


It’s been three years since I found out you liked me too.┬áSince the first time I met you, you cared for me even when three hours later I was a little drunk, you made sure I ate something. I’ve liked you since that day. Since that day I remember you everytime the radio plays one […]

Breaking Point

The fact that he’s marrying someone else is not what’s been eating me up for the past six months; Is the fact of how he has changed because of her. Honestly I am scared of being forgotten, he is supposed to be the man that supports me no matter what, but somehow he keeps drifting […]

To You

I miss you more than I’ve missed anybody in my life, we are both so similar yet so different. I shouldn’t love you after everything that has happened but I do, I never told you because I’m too scared of love, of getting hurt, of being betrayed and ending up in a little ball crying […]

Love Letters

To my first love There are no better words than to say i will always love you. Lately i can’t help but to think of you and what we lived together, it was great, it was terrible, it was the everything in one. All we have now are memories, memories i wouldn’t change for anything. […]