To Her

I am glad he has found you, he is happy with you, but I have to get something straight with you. This is not a competition, it has never been a competition. He will always love me, it is only natural he does. I understand why you might feel insecure but know that I am not a threat, I’ve tried being a friend to you time and time again, sincerely it has always been for his sake, but you keep being selfish and race for his attention as if this was a competition.

You want him? You already have him, and no matter what you do, what I do or even what he does I am always going to be a part of his life.

I can not change the way you are, or the way you have been since you arrived, but you have to stop trying to be like me. The car, the keys, the hairdryer, the products, the expressions, no you are not me and you will never be and that is ok. He fell in love with you just as you were and being similar to me will not make him like you more. Accept yourself for who you are.

Don’t try to meddle with our relationship, i am not going to intervene in yours. Just be happy and let me be happy too.



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