It has now been more than a year since the last time I wrote, and everything has changed. I have changed, the way I see and feel has changed. I am now ready to love, love my life, love my family and love every one that comes and goes from my life. I have so much to learn from them I just have to be open enough to receive it. I am challenging myself to do more of what I like, to follow my dreams and my passion. I don’t regret anything that has happened since the year started because I am following one rule: Try it, you already have the NO, go for the YES in life.

My most and greatest challenge now is to be a good role model for him. To be there for him everytime he needs me. I will be the rock that supports him everytime he needs one. I had one growing up, actually I had three and they will be there for him too.

I now know everything happens for a reason, it happens at the right time with the right people so we can learn to grow. Growing and changing is a part of life, we just have to embrace it.


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