Breaking Point

The fact that he’s marrying someone else is not what’s been eating me up for the past six months; Is the fact of how he has changed because of her. Honestly I am scared of being forgotten, he is supposed to be the man that supports me no matter what, but somehow he keeps drifting apart. I am now the third wheel in my own house, the only time i am needed is when he needs planning a gift for her. I’ve been working on this gift for two weeks now and my migraine hasn’t gone away for that same time. Even when I tell him how he has changed and how this affects me, it doesn’t really matter. It is time for me to leave this house that hasn’t felt like home for more than a year.

There is only one person i want to talk about this, I know he would understand me but we stopped talking last year. I was never able to tell him i loved him too.

Love has never been my strong with others, but my love tells me its time to get out… before i reach my breaking point.



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