To You

I miss you more than I’ve missed anybody in my life, we are both so similar yet so different. I shouldn’t love you after everything that has happened but I do, I never told you because I’m too scared of love, of getting hurt, of being betrayed and ending up in a little ball crying over you. I was wrong because even if i didn’t tell you i felt it and it ended up being the same thing. Communication was never our strong suit because we both swallow what we feel but you did try and i was too afraid to try with you, of repeating my parents history.

I like to remember that last night we spend together, how you held me while you were asleep and didn’t let me go; even now i don’t think anyone has held me as tight as you did. I remember getting home just in time to see the sunrise and how perfect it made the whole night.

I know there is no turning back, we have both said harmful things and maybe, it is for the best for each of us to go our way. I wish you all the best, I know you are capable of greatness and i’m sure you’re going to achieve it.


P.S. Happy Birthday


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