Bring life to the world

I want my life to be resolved but only i can choose

I am alone, with this big belly, I am hungry and can’t decide

Everyone tells me what to do and judges me by what I did

Nobody understands what I’m going through

Everything started the night I turned sixteen

The day I wanted to show my love to the boy that now admits that I don’t exist

Now I know that everything ended as a mistake

One month later I had nausea, and cravings for everything I saw

Nothing was clear until I understood they were symptoms

From the moment the doctor said “Congratulations” … I knew I was pregnant

I told my parents, they were astonished and disappointed

They think God will punish me for what I did

They haven’t talked to me since

My friends supported me until their parents disapproved

I have no one to talk to, only this tummy

rI tried to undo my mistake but it was too late, what I did could’t be undone

It wasn’t difficult to dismiss a life until you saw it with your own eyes

The little image in the ultrasound, the sound of a beating heart

“It’s a girl” the doctor says and a tear runs down my face

No one will understand the joy I had, how proud I felt

Yes, I was bringing life to the world

Today I stand alone… keep the baby or don’t

Am I even capable of being in charge of her?

Would she have a better life with me or someone else?

Who can she be if she stays with me?

The only thing I can give is my love, love no one else can equal

Is love enough to nurture a child?

With no support and no one to count on

Today I stand, today i choose

With the girl on my arms and the beauty of her smile I know my decision was wise

I don’t regret anything because it has led me to the life I have

I love my baby girl and nothing will keep us apart

She changed my life.



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