My valentine

Last year my love life ended in a mess, yes i had a lot to do with all the drama that went down but hey we are only humans and i’m still learning, nonetheless i find myself being more romantic than i have been in the last 2 years. I kinda stopped believing in love or in happy endings so i didn’t want to get married or have any kids, but in reality i was lying to myself. I was really hurt for what happened in my family and with my ex so i didn’t want to go through anything like that ever again so i just hid. I put my walls so up even though i liked a guy i didn’t really let myself fall in love with him because of fear and being me is pretending to be the strongest person ever. Now i understand i was lying to myself because really, how many people who don’t want to have kids save their toys so they can give them away to whom? their invisible non existent children? I know admit i am weak, i have fears but i can’t be so closed about my future. I’m not afraid to madly fall in love anymore if the right person arrives. In the meantime i am concentrating on myself, what i need, what i want and most of all what i’m craving. I am my valentine this year and it is perfect as it is.


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