“New Era”

I like to believe this year will be completely different from last year. Why? well last year my world was turned upside down, shaken up, torn into pieces; but this time after all the changes, i believe it can all be better. 2 days ago i turned 20 & i’m almost half way to finish my career and i’ve realized that after everything i’ve lived through i haven’t let myself be broken and i’m proud of myself and i am more sure than ever that i can accomplish anything. I have my priorities in check, i have my goals in life however i want to live day by day, cherishing every moment and every person in my life that comes and to let them go when they have to. We can not change what happened yesterday we may not know what will happen tomorrow but we can control what we do now. For me this is a new era, a new way to live, a new way to see life, to let myself go and to not be afraid anymore. (: ♥


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