Production costs

As I’ve mentioned before I’m doing the #ParsonsxTeenVogue online course. There is an assignment that joins course 2 work with course 3 which is the cost of the little bag I designed, Ribbon clutch. I will use the costs of the material to get the production cost and the retail price.


This is the Ribbon Clutch, weaved with ribbons with a cotton lining. I made this inspired by one of the course 2 assignments. ribbonclutch.jpg

This is the production costs for a small production with the material as I got them. I decided to have a 30% profit cost.

Ribbon Clutch Personal Production (prices in mxn)
White Ribbon $2.38
Yellow Ribbon $0.21
Black Ribbon $1.26
White cord $0.30
Lining $4.55
.5 hours @ 100 $50
Total Production Cost $58.7
30% Profit $17.61
Total production cost plus profit $76.31
Estimated Retail price $80.00

The estimated retail price is $80.00mxn approximately $4.25dlls.

This next production cost has been reduced by finding cheaper material buying it in bulk and with a faster production time, maintaining my 30% profit cost

Ribbon Clutch Mass Production (prices in mx)
White Ribbon $1.89
Yellow Ribbon $0.18
Black Ribbon $1.13
White cord $0.16
Lining $2.72
.25 hours @ 100 $25
Total Production Cost $31.08
30% Profit $6.22
Total production cost plus profit $37.3
Estimated Retail price $80.00

The wholesale price would be of $37.3mxn approximately $1.99dlls.


This exercise helps to understand production costs, highliting the fact that if a product is sold in wholesale it needs to cost at least half the retail price so that wholesale also has profit.




Change the world

Have you ever had the feeling that you have the power to change the world. Maybe not only the power but the obligation, the calling to make something so it changes the world.

I am getting that exact feeling, and i also believe it is achievable so I will try. I’ve talked to some people about this and few have believed that I can do it. But as Peter Thiel says in his book “What is your truth that few agree with you” is the beginning of the creation of something new. I think I have found it, I believe in myself enough to try it and even if it kills me I will achieve it.

It’s not just me who have the power to change the world, it’s also you. Believe it.


To Her

I am glad he has found you, he is happy with you, but I have to get something straight with you. This is not a competition, it has never been a competition. He will always love me, it is only natural he does. I understand why you might feel insecure but know that I am not a threat, I’ve tried being a friend to you time and time again, sincerely it has always been for his sake, but you keep being selfish and race for his attention as if this was a competition.

You want him? You already have him, and no matter what you do, what I do or even what he does I am always going to be a part of his life.

I can not change the way you are, or the way you have been since you arrived, but you have to stop trying to be like me. The car, the keys, the hairdryer, the products, the expressions, no you are not me and you will never be and that is ok. He fell in love with you just as you were and being similar to me will not make him like you more. Accept yourself for who you are.

Don’t try to meddle with our relationship, i am not going to intervene in yours. Just be happy and let me be happy too.



It’s been three years since I found out you liked me too. Since the first time I met you, you cared for me even when three hours later I was a little drunk, you made sure I ate something. I’ve liked you since that day. Since that day I remember you everytime the radio plays one of his songs, and even when a boy has sung me the same song I will always think of you.

Maybe it is the fact that we are prohibited that makes me want you more, but everytime I read our conversations it makes me happy. Sometimes I feel that if we really try to be something more it will get ruined, so I’m scared to say something more. Maybe someday when we are less broken we can give it a try, for now I just want to thank you for being there for me. ❤



It has now been more than a year since the last time I wrote, and everything has changed. I have changed, the way I see and feel has changed. I am now ready to love, love my life, love my family and love every one that comes and goes from my life. I have so much to learn from them I just have to be open enough to receive it. I am challenging myself to do more of what I like, to follow my dreams and my passion. I don’t regret anything that has happened since the year started because I am following one rule: Try it, you already have the NO, go for the YES in life.

My most and greatest challenge now is to be a good role model for him. To be there for him everytime he needs me. I will be the rock that supports him everytime he needs one. I had one growing up, actually I had three and they will be there for him too.

I now know everything happens for a reason, it happens at the right time with the right people so we can learn to grow. Growing and changing is a part of life, we just have to embrace it.

Breaking Point

The fact that he’s marrying someone else is not what’s been eating me up for the past six months; Is the fact of how he has changed because of her. Honestly I am scared of being forgotten, he is supposed to be the man that supports me no matter what, but somehow he keeps drifting apart. I am now the third wheel in my own house, the only time i am needed is when he needs planning a gift for her. I’ve been working on this gift for two weeks now and my migraine hasn’t gone away for that same time. Even when I tell him how he has changed and how this affects me, it doesn’t really matter. It is time for me to leave this house that hasn’t felt like home for more than a year.

There is only one person i want to talk about this, I know he would understand me but we stopped talking last year. I was never able to tell him i loved him too.

Love has never been my strong with others, but my love tells me its time to get out… before i reach my breaking point.


To You

I miss you more than I’ve missed anybody in my life, we are both so similar yet so different. I shouldn’t love you after everything that has happened but I do, I never told you because I’m too scared of love, of getting hurt, of being betrayed and ending up in a little ball crying over you. I was wrong because even if i didn’t tell you i felt it and it ended up being the same thing. Communication was never our strong suit because we both swallow what we feel but you did try and i was too afraid to try with you, of repeating my parents history.

I like to remember that last night we spend together, how you held me while you were asleep and didn’t let me go; even now i don’t think anyone has held me as tight as you did. I remember getting home just in time to see the sunrise and how perfect it made the whole night.

I know there is no turning back, we have both said harmful things and maybe, it is for the best for each of us to go our way. I wish you all the best, I know you are capable of greatness and i’m sure you’re going to achieve it.


P.S. Happy Birthday